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Pilot saved all 20 aboard

Wow. Just wow.


Chinook pilot was shot between the eyes by a Taliban bullet – but flew on and saved all 20 aboard.

Down By Downtown Invites Local Bands to Participate – RELEASE

Thanks to Stephanie Koehler for continuing to promote Roanoke; check this out and help spread the word!

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Celebrating with Greg & Sarah

Celebration with Greg and Sarah

#Rke Meetup 2.0 Social Media Group

Pictures from this mornings Meetup 2.0 Group; Social Media for all.

We meet every Thursday @ 9:00 AM at Best Western Inn Valley View…join us!

An Apology to Bev Wallace and Crafters with Love

Since August 2009, I have been fortunate enough to have an incredible friendship and relationship with Bev Wallace as well as a working relationship with her charity, Crafters with Love (CWL).  I also had the good fortune to work with the Board members for CWL.Unfortunately, I failed Bev and her incredible charity as well as let down the Board and the people that CWL serves.  This post is an attempt to apologize for that.In working with CWL, I served as President of the Board and then later as a social media advisor and fundraising director. I failed to deliver in these rolls within the charity, and in doing so I let Bev and the Board down and damaged her charity.  I apologize for doing that.My behavior style  requires accountability; I have learned this about myself after years of experience.  Sometimes I can hold my self accountable, but most of the time I require others to hold me accountable.   Bev placed the confidence in me to do what I said I was going to do, and I didn’t.  I did not hold myself accountable enough, and failed to deliver what I promised. I made commitments and promises, both personal and professional to Bev, as well as to CWL, and quite simply I failed to keep them.  Worse than that, I tried to cover my mistakes so I wouldn’t look bad to Bev and to others.  That was wrong.In leveraging my social network to be an ardent supporter and promoter of CWL, people started associating me with CWL and gave me credit for the charity and its work.  I tried to make it clear that I was only a worker for CWL and that it was Bev’s hard work and the dedication of the other Board members that fueled CWL, but I did not make it clear enough; by not making that point clear to others, I actually took credit for the charity. That was wrong as well.You reach a point in your life and maturity level as a human being that you know when you need to accept responsibility for your actions, that is what I am doing with this apology.  These were my mistakes and I am sorry for the mistakes I made, for not delivering what I promised and for trying to cover myself so that I wouldn’t look bad.To Bev, CWL, the Board Members and the supporters of Crafters with Love; I am sorry and I sincerely apologize.If you chose to not do business with me, if you chose to unfollow or unfriend me because of this, I understand.

These cookies + Coffee…#imjustsayin’

Twitter Speeding Toward 10 Billion Tweets


Twitter Speeding Toward 10 Billion Tweets:

Fascinating Statistics on Small Business & Social Media

Do you know a small business that is using social media? Are they realizing success from their campaigns?

How many small business that you use DO NOT use social media? Should they?

How Small Business Is Using Social Media [STATS]:

What’s Wrong with Celebrating?

During the 2010 Olympics, the Canadian women’s hockey team was strongly encouraged to apologize for their celebration after winning the gold medal.   After the fans had left the arena, the team celebrated with beer, champagne and cigars and of course photos surfaced.  That is when the controversy began.You can read more about the story and the apology from Hockey Canada on the Huffington Post.So I ask you, what’s wrong with celebrating?  Did the Canadian women’s team go over the line in their celebration, or are we too concerned about what others think when we celebrate a victory?For your consideration:

  • Some school systems shy away from giving a student a failing grade; academic achievement is not promoted like it has been.
  • Some school systems prohibit keeping score during games.
  • Achievement Punished in Tennessee?   An article about banning honor rolls; read the full article it here.
  • End zone celebrations in the NFL are penalized.

So, what’s wrong with celebrating?  Are we being forced to contain our celebrations or apologize for them?I will choose to celebrate.  I join with those that work hard and then celebrate the victories in their lives.  The student that passes the exam; the adult that has finally lost the last ten pounds; the person that works hard every day just to make it through the day due to health challenges; the wounded veteran that with family and health care professionals cheering them on, makes the first few steps when learning to walk again.I choose to celebrate.  What about you?