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Festival in the Park

Live in or around Roanoke?  Going to be in town during Memorial Day weekend?  Then you should check out Festival in the Park!!


History of Festival in the Park

2010 marks the 42nd annual event for Festival in the Park. It all started with a “Sidewalk Art Show” put on by the Docent Guild and chaired by John Will Creasy, a very well known artist. A “Spring Market Festival” was added to the Sidewalk Art Show to enhance and add more activities to the two day show. This became a four-day event and was renamed “Festival,” now “Festival in the Park.”

In 1991 Festival initiated its Scholarship for the Arts Program for area students pursuing advanced studies in the Arts. To date, over $114,000 has been awarded. In 2003, Festival entered into a partnership with the City of Roanoke/Special Events forming a non-profit corporation called EventZone. In 2006 Festival adopted a new logo and tag line “Festival in the Park, Celebrating Arts, Music & Family”.

Approximately 750 volunteers are used at Festival’s four-day event each year. EventZone is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.