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Orange County Social Media Summit

You may have seen some Tweets or posts recently that included #OCSMS or references to The Orange County Social Media Summit. If you live in or around Orange County, California, you should sign up and attend!   The Dynamic Duo of Rochelle and Haley Veturis created this event for the social media in Orange County.

I am beyond STOKED and EXCITED to be part of this amazing event! Through the graciousness of Rochelle and the entire team that created #OCSMS, an invitation was extended to me to be part of the Summit.  In addition to meeting the other keynote speakers and panelists, I get to meet several virtual friends in person for the first time. I can’t wait!!

Unlike most events, this is a social media event created by the social media community. 

  • Created by the social media community, for the social media community in Orange County, enjoy speakers and panelists who started at ground zero, and have found their voice—in different ways—through the “socialmediaphere.”
  • No one started off as a huge brand, with a large list of contacts.
  • Driven by their passion for people and new media tools, they’ve experienced business success, personal growth, increased web traffic, and scores of other benefits, from simply being present, and being themselves in social media.

Our commitment to you, is to provide a safe and authentic learning environment, where you can come, take notes, ask questions, and connect with people who care. Speakers will lay out their strategies for you, step-by-step. You’ll learn how to think bigger and outside of the box to create breakthrough results.

From blogging, to making videos, to posting tweets and Facebook updates, we’ll cover:

  • The top social networks, and benefits and tips about each
  • Shortcuts, lots and lots of shortcuts—we’ve worked hard to uncover these secrets, and we’re ready to share them with you
  • How to listen to your customers/potential clients, and repurpose their feedback in meaningful ways
  • How to create content that will bring you qualified leads
  • Easy, ready to use techniques you can employ as you explore, get engaged, and find your personal groove online—whether it’s for business, a favorite cause, or to create your own, solid brand.

Wondering about the keynote speakers?

  • They are the real deal; no snake oil salesmen—here.
  • Between them, they amass more than 225,040 Twitter followers, 7.6 million friends on Facebook, 627,000 views on YouTube, and more than 10,000 connections on LinkedIn.
  • They have each used their power and influence to support worthy causes, that benefit and serve others outside of themselves, including: the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Compassion International, Gavin’s Groupies, Stand Up To Cancer, Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope, American Red Cross, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Irvine Public Schools Foundation, HomeAid Orange County, Baldwin Park Dogs, and the Amanda Foundation, to name a few.

We look forward to serving you through this fun and informative, full-day event. If you can’t attend, you can watch the event via a live stream using the link below. 

Event Hash Tag: #OCSMS

OCSMS Event Registration –

OCSMS: Livestreaming link –

Volunteer Event Producers: @RochelleVeturis and @HaleyVeturis (two-thirds of the O.C. Triumvirate).

Join us in Orange County or via the streaming link!  Connect. Teach. Share.


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    Happy Birthday! Thank You!! Repeat.

    If you are on social media, and specifically on Facebook, you’ve experienced the joy of being wished a Happy Birthday by your friends or followers. Isn’t it great? Seriously, reading all of those Happy Birthdays can be a rush and turthfully it makes you feel good!  Well, unless you are trying to forget your birthday; but Facebook won’t let that happen. 


    What I find curious is how people manage or approach their birthday online. Let me explain. I have observed that some people change wall settings so that you cannot write on their wall on their birthday. This puzzles me. What are you saving your wall for? Games? Videos? Other things? Some don’t acknowledge that you wished them a Happy Birthday. Why would you not say thank you? Others choose to post a blanket Thank You on their wall on their birthday instead of thanking each person individually. Some simply “Like” each birthday wish, but do not respond. 

    What do you do?  Why? 

    For me, I choose to personally thank each person that wishes me a Happy Birthday. Here’s why: that person, whether we interact regularly or not, took time out of their day to say Happy Birthday to me. The least I can do is acknowledge that and say Thank You. In my mind, it’s the very least I can do. I believe I owe it to them. Maybe I think that way because I am getting older and I value every birthday. It truly is a day to celebrate! 

    I have read about an app that will do a blanket thank you to everyone that posted on your Facebook wall for your Birthday. I would never use that app and don’t suggest using it. It is too impersonal, and it goes against everything I believe in social media: engagement and actually being social.

    Now, I am not saying any of the methods described above are right or wrong. It is a personal choice. As of this writing, May 1, 2012, I have 2,741 friends on Facebook, if they all wished me a Happy Birthday, it would take quite a while to respond, but that’s okay. Last year on my birthday, there were hundreds of birthday wishes and I responded to each one of them. Again, it is a personal choice.

    Social media is about engaging, being social, developing and building relationships. To me you cannot do that when you don’t respond.

    Those are my thoughts; what are yours?

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    Oh, one last thought; when you are wishing others a Happy Birthday, be creative! Do not just write Happy Birthday or write the same thing on ten people’s wall.  Make it a little more personal.