I Believe…

This post is a series of my thoughts, what I believe about pretty much everything. From the mundane to the serious to the funny. Most likely this will be an ongoing post that is updated on a semi-regular basis….or maybe not 🙂 This first section is about music. I am a musician, having played professionally (in my mind) for over 25 years.

I believe Beethoven’s 9th Symphony: Ode to Joy – is the most incredible piece of music ever written and recorded. This video is from his life story, Immortal Beloved.

I believe Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith is a rock song that will still be playing 50 years from now.

I believe the greatest Country song ever recorded is He Stopped Loving her Today by George Jones; this song should not be re-recorded by anyone. Seriously, that haunting,tone in his voice on this song is incredible.

I believe the song My Girl by the Temptations is one of the most well written and orchestrated pieces of popular music that’s been recorded. Again, it’s a classic, it does not need to be re-recorded.

I believe Metallica’s Enter Sandman is the epitome of hard rock.


I believe Charlie Daniels is a national treasure!



More to come……


  1. I love it. Great post and great taste in music!

  2. I love it. Great post and great taste in music!

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