Don’t Be That Guy or Gal

Since the explosion of Twitter and other social media sites, many blog posts and articles have been written about what to do and more importantly what not to do as you establish and maintain your online presence.  I have written these too, you can read my post on NO Auto DM’s here. Sometimes these posts have been referred to as Don’t Be That Guy. We all know and recognize the type, the ones that are breaking all of the “rules” of social media.Some of the basics can never be repeated enough:

  • Use a good photo of YOU on your avatar; not the kids (sorry parents) not the pets, not a sunset, etc.  We want to get to know YOU!
  • Listen to others and engage in an actual conversation!  Social media/social networking is the same as meeting face-to-face; it is about developing relationships.
  • Update your status and profile on a regular basis.  You should also complete your profile on each site that you choose to use.
  • Don’t just Tweet information about your business.  It’s not about selling, its about listening and conversations!
  • Try to talk with someone new each day, but while you are forming new relationships, do not forget your existing followers, friends and connections.
  • No Automatic DM’s – again, it’s about relationships, auto DM-ing people does not establish relationships!
  • The Retweet – RT – on Twitter can be a useful tool to spread good information.  However, the RT should not be used to interject you into other people’s conversations.  I have seen a lot of this happening on Twitter lately and it reminds me of gossiping.  Especially if you are not part of the conversation!

Building and maintaining your online presence requires time, patience and common sense, just like building your reputation in face-to-face relationships.  Don’t damage your reputation by becoming That Guy or Gal.Those are my thoughts; what say you?  What are some of your pet peeves with social media Guys & Gals?

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