Old Marketing versus New Marketing

It was quite interesting that I received two packages in the mail on the same day. Why? To me these two packages perfectly highlighted Old Marketing versus New Marketing.

To be fair, the Old Marketing I am referrring to, the Yellow Pages Book, was not techically delivered; it was thrown on the ground, near my mailbox in a plastic bag.  But, I digress.  It arrived the same day as a sample of chocolate from Montazuma chocolate.

This is the Old Marketing

On the same day, I received a sampling of Montazuma Chocolate from Abes Market. Their dark chocolate sample was sinfully delicous. It was fresh and just the perfect combination of chocolate  and sweet, but not too sweet.  The other sample, the Jungle Fever Milk Chocolate with Fruits and Nuts was beyond words!  Simply the best chocolate I have ever eaten!  And yes, I have eaten a lot of chocolate!

So why was this sample New Marketing?  Their representaitve contacted me on Twitter after we started following each other and after they noticed some Tweets about coffee and chocolate.  I provided my address to them privately and before you know it, I have a free sample in the mail.   This is a perfect example of how social media can build a loyal audience!  NOT the free part, but reaching out to individuals and turning them into brand ambassadors! I am a believer in their products and have become a shopper, and obviously a raving fan. Social media is not about free or about which platform a company is on; it’s about buiding a community of brand ambassadors.

Social or New Marketing works. Simple as that. 

This is from their website, AbesMarket.com  Follow @AbesMarket on Twitter and try out their products today! 

Abe’s Market is the online marketplace for great natural products. We connect buyers seeking amazing natural products with the people who make them. There’s no need to prowl the Internet for a broader natural product selection than can be found at your local natural market. At Abe’s Market, you can get all your natural product buying done in one place.

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  1. naming your company says:

    Old marketing will not work when you compare it to modern marketing, now several medium are available to use.

  2. Philip Stephen Allen says:

    John, you’ve hit the nail on the head. When talking about the importance of active, vital presence online, I have found myself telling prospective clients that there are people driving right by them to get to a business with whom they’ve been able to interact.The game was decided before the ball was even in play. In an era of social search and personal outreach, the Yellow Pages some seriously 1955 marketing.

  3. John Lusher says:

    Thanks Phillip! You are right, businesses need to realize that interaction and being active is the only way they can stay relevant!I appreciate your comments!

  4. Many still use traditional marketing, but in today’s world, one that sells most is the business that uses different media in advertising., but to be in modern way of marketing you have to have unique and creative ideas.

  5. Old marketing will not work when you compare it to modern marketing, now several medium are available to use.

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