I am starting this post with a disclaimer: I am not employed by Maxwell Health in any manor; nor do I do any work for their company. I am just someone that is impressed by their approach to healthcare and to serving their customers.

Maxwell Health believes in an investment minded concept; accomplishment reaps rewards.  Isn’t that how life, business and our health should be?  We invest then we reap the rewards? I think so.

Maxwell Health customizes their plans to the individual or families that need the coverage; getting away from the “one size fits all” mentality.  Their plans provide benefits to people who value wellness and are committed to investing in their health through healthy choices and regular exercises. Investment reaping rewards. Great concept!

My first impression of Maxwell Health came from the package I received just in time for Valentine’s Day. As you can see from this photo, the first impression is chocolate! Something, that if enjoyed in moderation, can be good for your health.

Now, all of this is great, and I am a firm believer that using technology helps ME with staying healthy, but you may be saying, “whats the big deal?”

To me the big deal is HOW Maxwell Health is reaching out to people.  This is one of the MOST creative campaigns I have seen in over 10+ years of marketing and in over 20 years of sales!  When I first opened the box, I was impressed; as I started looking through the information, I became excited by how creative they had been in putting this together. Then later that evening, as I was taking time to go through the information and research Maxwell Health, I was impressed again; this is how they operate. This company is different. The company has a different philosophy and approach not only to they’re marketing, but to how they do business.

This is not marketing, it is the business model for Maxwell Health.  For business large and small, if you are struggling to set yourself apart from your competition, take a page out of Maxwell’s playbook: BE different and build you’re branding and marketing around that fact.

Well done Maxwell Health!


  1. Hi John,Wow!!! Maxwell Health treat you so good with lovely "hearts" chocolate. Yummy!!! What a great campaign. But kinda expensive, huh? But probably worth it anyway. They gave you so many goodies; I love Starbucks too!!Yes, I’m impress at how the did their marketing approach. Although it is kinda expensive, it is very UNIQUE and very PERSONABLE. Makes you wanna sign up with them. Anyway, thank you for sharing this. I hope you have a great HAPPY EASTER my friend. :)Angela

  2. John, I dunno how to put my photo here. But normally, my GRAVATAR shows up everytime I comment on another WordPress user. But apparently, you are using posterous and they are going to close in April 13, 2013? So they’re not even accepting new sign up. I thought I’d sign up just to get my "photo profile" there. I don’t like it when I’m faceless. :)Angela

  3. John Lusher says:

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