Crafters with Love

Occasionally you discover someone that is using Social Media to further the common good; Crafters with Love, and its founder Bev Wallace is a shining example of how social media can change peoples lives.  In the interest of full disclosure, I serve as President of the Board of Crafters with Love. Why do I do that?  Read about the Founder and how Crafters with Love Began here.  I dare say that Bev has dealt with and deals with more than most of us on a daily basis, yet her never-ending, unwavering focus in on helping others; we can all learn from that attitude.What Crafters with Love does is use-crafting talents to supply those in need with cards, clothing, bedding, and/or raise donations to assist with other needs as appropriate.I  cannot think of anyone that would not want to support a charity that is dedicated to helping those in need, all done in a completely selfless manner.The latest Causes for Crafters for Love include a Go Green Fundraiser – a Recycling Program – and working to raise money and send books to deserving children through Books for Africa.We all make choices as to why we support different charities and non-profits; I encourage you to check out Crafters with Love; I can personally and professionally recommend them.

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