To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

I love this infographic about Star Trek.  Being a fan of the original Star Trek series, it has been interesting to watch the genre unfold over the years. Some of the series were good, and some not as good in my opinion; but they all stayed true to the original mission of space exploration, seeking out new life forms and mapping the future. 

To me, social media is much like Star Trek; exploring brave new frontiers and mapping the future.  Plus, you meet some very interesting characters 🙂  Social media is changing and has changed the way we connect, interact and in some ways, form relationships.   Think about it, a mere few years ago, none of knew what Facebook was, and we all thought tweet was something a bird did when talking to other birds!  Now these tools are re-shaping how we do business, how we interact and how we spend our days. One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook. Proof that we are boldly changing our future, one keystroke at a time!  

Live long and prosper my friends!!

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