Are We Connected?

I believe in the value of connections and in building my network to help others.  If you know me or follow me on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you realize this; if you don’t, we should connect.Networks require care and feeding just like every other relationship. Just because we’ve met once doesn’t give me the right to ask something of you. We must spend time developing the relationship, learning to trust each other and discovering how we can help each other through our respective networks and connections.Here are some of the virtual sites that I use to stay connected to colleagues, associates, partners and friends.  This is not a complete list, but it is where I spend my time.  You can connect with me below or using the Are We Connected Widget to the right. I also encourage you to become a fan of Crafters with Love on Facebook, just select Become a Fan on the box at the right and check us out!What sites or tools do you use? I also spend time developing connections and networks face-to-face.  Do you?

LinkedIn is my professional online appearance to the world; it provides visitors with a summary of who I am and what I do, but it also highlights testimonials and recommendations from colleagues. This is vital in an online social environment where you may deal with people that you never meet face-to-face.  I also used LinkedIn to promote clients and causes that I believe in such as Crafters with Love.  Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Facebook is a combination of a personal and professional connection tool in my opinion. I have connections from high school on Facebook as well as business connections; I also use this tool to keep those in my network up to date with what I am doing and what I am working on each day. Connect with me on Facebook here.

Twitter is a valuable connection tool that enables more people to learn about you and then connect to you. With 140 characters to talk with a follower,  it teaches you to have brief conversations. This can be useful when you are making initial contact, but also as you further develop these relationships or future business partners.  I use Twitter to connect with people and to promote other peoples businesses and causes. Connect to me on Twitter here.Those are my thoughts; what are your thoughts? How do you connect? How do you maintain the relationships?

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