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A wise man once said, ” If you stay in the shower for a long time on Monday because you don’t look forward to going to work…. find a new job.”  I am paraphrasing a little with that statement, but to the best of my memory, I first heard that listening to a Zig Ziglar motivational tape!  The thing about that statement is….it is true! We are blessed with a limited number of days on this planet, and if you spend that much time wishing you were somewhere else, then you need to take whatever steps necessary to make it happen.  Go back to school, learn online, ask the experts, listen to how others are doing what it is that you want to do; do whatever it takes to make this happen. Start networking, start connecting and finding the resources it takes to help you do this.Employers, you have a responsibility here too!  Talk to your employees and really LISTEN to what they are saying!  Employers say  their greatest assets are their employees; start listening to what they have to tell you.  They may have knowledge that can improve your business and their work!Embrace Monday’s and another week full of opportunities, or change what is going on in your life so that you can!


  1. Rochelle Veturis says:

    Such a great reminder John. Thank you for that uplifting post, on an oh-so-fabulous Monday.

  2. Hey JL,If you stay in the shower too long, you must stink big time! =PBut joking aside, thanks for the short, thoughtful post. It reminds me and of how heart-breaking it is that most people waste their lives focusing on the 5 "W"s" – Wishing, Waiting, Worrying, Whining, Wondering – and don’t realize they have the power to change their circumstances, and how they see the world. I hate it when people say: "I was going to be a ________, but then I ended up __________- it makes me want to strangle somebody. There are no excuses for not following your dream – none whatsoever. God put you on here to do amazing things – not to be mediocre, or ruin the 1 chance you have to impact the world. There are many stories of successful people who put their passion to work and have done well for themselves; there are people who work full-time at a job they don’t enjoy, but see it as a stepping stone while they start a business on the side; there are companies that get investment capital from others who they infect with ideas, when they had no money themselves; there really is no excuses. So go out there!At the same time, though – there are people whose mindsets are just messed up, and no changes can never make them happy. Those people complain that the government doesn’t help them out; they always focus on the negative things i.e. it’s sunny out – they complain it’s hot and gets them agitated. They need to change their lenses – in this tough economic situation, they are blessed with having employment; they have their health, when others, rich or poor, are miserable, in hospital beds, are on medications, etc.; they have a very difficult job – but it allows them to problem-solve, be a better person, show others how intelligent and hard-working you are; etc.I can go on about this subject – but…carpe diem, change your lenses, and you have the power!

  3. I totally agree…in theory! Actually you make a really good point and in general, we should look forward to our work (there are those days though…) It’s so true that if we’re going to spend 25% of our week or more at ‘work’ it better be something that’s life-giving, not life-draining. There are so many options even in this economy to find something that’s more in line with my passions and talents. And then, there’s options inside of an existing job/career to change perspective or attitude, or have a heart-to-heart with the boss to make changes that will make it more motivating to show up. The quote I’ve seen is "find what you love to do and you’ll never work another day in your life". That’s great and ideal, but it kind of makes ‘work’ into a four-letter word which it really shouldn’t be. There may be certain phases or ‘paying the dues’ situations where it’s not heaven-on-earth but a stepping stone to good things ahead. I would say that at the very basic level, it’s really a perspective thing…for me. Great post John!

  4. Thank you J for your comments and feedback. Not every Monday is a great one, but I do believe we can foster a better attitude towards starting the week and the opportunities before us!

  5. John,Great article. We should embrace everyday actually and make the most of each day including Monday’s. Each Day is as equally as important in the next in the game called life.

  6. Rochelle Veturis says:

    Such a great reminder John. Thank you for that uplifting post, on an oh-so-fabulous Monday.

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