Support Roanoke’s Clean and Green Business Coalition

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The Clean and Green Business Coalition will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. on Friday, November 21, at Orvis on Campbell Avenue to announce the emissions target set out by its members. The Coalition has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from each business’ operation by a total of 20 percent over a period of five years (at 4 percent per year).”The purpose of the Business Coalition is to provide leadership across all sectors in the region. By setting goals that are double the community standard, we are making a significant commitment to the greening of the Roanoke Valley,” says Stan Breakell, president of Breakell Inc., one of the Coalition’s charter members.In March, a number of Roanoke’s top employers and businesses joined efforts to create the coalition. Co-chaired by City Council Member Gwen Mason and Stan Breakell, the Coalition’s mission is to identify and implement environmentally sound business practices, including the development of sustainable business plans, the tracking of carbon emissions, and recycling.”As an employer in the Roanoke Valley and a provider of a green energy source, natural gas, we believe it is important for our company to take a leadership role in protecting the environment. Not only are we taking steps within our company, we encourage our employees to be conscious of the environment in their personal lives as well,” says Dale Lee, vice-president and secretary at RGC Resources.By joining the city in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging green planning, and practicing conservation responsibly in business routines and processes, the private sector isdemonstrating true leadership in environmental stewardship.Member companies of the Coalition include:Berglund ChevroletBreakell Inc.Carilion ClinicFralin and WaldronGentry Locke Rakes and MooreHSMM AECOMJ.M. Turner CompanyLanford Brothers Co. Inc.OrvisRGC ResourcesSunTrust BankSteel DynamicsVirginia Western Community CollegeFor more information about the press conference, please contact Faye Gilchrist in the City Manager’s Office at 853-5801.Watch this video to see Roanoke’s Carbon Footprint.And here are 8 Simple Steps to make your business environmentally friendly.

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