How Do You See The World?


One of the reasons I love visiting Walt Disney World is to see the looks on children’s faces when they see everything before them!  Cinderella’s Castle, Mickey Mouse, thrill rides and their favorite characters right before their eyes!  The eyes wide open, jaw dropped look is priceless!  This is how children approach most days, with wonder, amazement and excited to see what will happen!My question to you is this: How Do You See The World?  Think about it; each and every day we are given has this same amazement and wonder to us as adults….if we only adjust our thinking to see what is before us.  Amazing friends, new connections, opportunities to help others; these are just basic examples of what is in  front of us each day! Business opportunities are in front of us at every step, every single day; but only if we open our eyes to see what is in front of us!How Do You See The World?Unfortunately, as adults too many of us see the world and each day as a chore….we must get up, we must go to work, we must meet quota, we must do this and do that!  Wake up!  Each day is a gift given to you and you are NOT guaranteed tomorrow!  Greet each day as a child does entering Walt Disney World:  ready to see it all, do it all and experience it all!How Do You See The World?


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  2. Hi John,Thought provoking as always. A good way to see the world is to go to a public space, sit for an hour or two and people watch. Watch what is going on around you and take it all in. Stop letting life be a rat race and start to enjoy some of it.One thing I have learned the hard way is to enjoy life every day and let things slow down sometimes and enjoy what life has to offer. If you are not seeing what is going on around you how can you enjoy it and experience it all?

  3. Tony Teegarden says:

    Love the post John! You just talked about two of my favorite things, Disney World and coaching on self awareness. Great topic that resonates with me a lot. I believe a trip to Disney World in our hearts and minds is worth a million dollars. Great points my friend!

  4. Marty McPadden says:

    Great post John and an important reminder to live life. Somehow we tend to lose that innocence and sense of wonder we all had as children and become blind to the wondrous things around us. We just need to take a look around and not miss it. Be present and lIve life as if it is your last day. Thank you John.

  5. Thanks to walt disney, and asimple little mouse drawing, as a child i learned what imagination can do , to make people happy ,and adventure, life is the biggest adventure you will ever have it may not be the amazon or mt. everest , but it will teach you alot about who you are and what you are capable of, and never forget to let your inner child remain a child aand the wonders that you ignore everyday will again become part of the adventure of life!!

  6. Thanks Rob, great points in your comments as well! People watching can teach us a lot and can get us actually stopping and focusing on something other than ourselves! Thank you!

  7. Many thanks Tony! I love it when I see that "look" either on children’s faces or adults faces; it is the way we should live! Go Disney!!

  8. Thank you as well Marty! I know how much you love Disney too; and it struck me that we all should look at each day this way!

  9. Thank you Miki, so very true; it all started with a Mouse and look at the impact it is still having today! Thank you for the comments!

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    […] How Do You See The World?.  (Thanks to John Lusher). Share and Enjoy: […]

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