Father’s Day

A post about Father’s Day and honoring those special men in our lives.The idea for an official Father’s Day celebration came to a married daughter, seated in a church in Spokane, Washington, attentive to a Sunday sermon on Mother’s Day in 1910-two years after the first Mother’s Day observance in West Virginia.The daughter was Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd. During the sermon, which extolled maternal sacrifices made for children, Mrs. Dodd realized that in her own family it had been her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran, who had sacrificed-raising herself and five sons alone, following the early death of his wife in childbirth. For Mrs. Dodd, the hardships her father had endured on their eastern Washington farm called to mind the unsung feats of fathers everywhere.In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson and his family personally observed the day. And in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge recommended that states, if they wished, should hold their own Father’s Day observances.So, as you can see, we have been observing Father’s Day for quite a while and I think its good that we honor both fathers and mothers with their own day.Anyone that knows me knows that my father died when I was eight years old. So its with that in mind that I ask you to forgive me if I don’t get too excited about Father’s Day. Honestly, I get a little jealous, but I am glad to have had the influence of my father while he was alive.Growing up without a father, was extremely difficult, but I learned to adapt and I matured more quickly. I am happy to say that I was raised by an incredible mother who did her best to fulfill the roll of both parents. I have often said that if I turn out to be half the person that she is, I will consider myself a success.Putting my feelings aside, I want to encourage you to celebrate Father’s Day. If your father is alive and you can be with him; treasure the time and the moments that will be gone too soon. Hug his neck and thank him. If you haven’t spoken to him in a while for whatever reason, make the effort to talk to him before he is gone. If you father is not with you anymore, celebrate the memories that you have.If I could speak to my father today, I would be much like Pvt. James Francis Ryan in the final scene from the movie Saving Private Ryan; I would say, “tell me I’ve lived a good life, tell me that I’ve been a good person.” Or I would ask if he was proud of how I have turned out, how I have lived my life. I hope so.

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