Steps to Effective Delegation – A Better Use of Your Time

This is the third part of our series from Suzie with Ace Concierge; providing an in depth look at what a Virtual Assistant can do for you. Please read and pass along!

Steps to Effective Delegation

1.    Know what you want or can delegate2.    Clearly express your objectives3.    Set expectations4.    Have confidence in the “delegatees” abilities5.    Communicate and follow upWouldn’t you rather spend your valuable time on revenue generating activities, while we manage your other business details?Think about what is on your desk at this very moment.  Go ahead, look at it. What do you see?  What are you working on right now that is preventing you from speaking with clients, keeping you from your personal life, or otherwise taking up your valuable time?Is there any paperwork, blogging, letters or correspondence, internet research, editing, or other administrative work that you have on your desk, but you would rather spend time making money?  The service solutions a Virtual Assistant will provide are innumerable, only limited by your imagination.

A Better Use of Your Time

When you are looking at the list below, think about how much time you have spent on any of these activities. Did they generate income for you?  Probably not.  What would have been a better use of your time?

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Blogging
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business correspondence
  • Calendar management
  • Creation of office forms
  • Database management
  • Dinner reservations
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Email reminders
  • Gift purchases
  • Internet research
  • Mailings
  • Order supplies
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Project coordination
  • Select and manage event vendors
  • Travel arrangements
  • VIP greet service
  • Website updates

It is not just merely what tasks or projects your Virtual Assistant manages for you; it is about what you stand to gain. You have a dynamic partnership with a professional who is fully vested in your success and interests.  We are working with you to facilitate all of the finer details of your project management and oversee each task to completion, enabling you to focus ON your business, rather than IN it.Susan PoirierAce Concierge, LLCEnhancing YOUR life, one task at a back for the final part of our series: Examples of Virtual Requests.


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    Steps to Effective Delegation

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    Steps to Effective Delegation

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