Why Do We Love Friday?


Have you ever wondered exactly WHY we love Friday so much? Is it because we have a two day break from work? If so, should we reexamine what we do for a living? We really should love what we do, even with the challenges that work provides us, shouldn’t we be thankful for the work? Is it because we have two days to spend our time as we wish without deadlines, bosses, interruptions and the like? Is it because we are provided more time with family and friends over the weekend? Or is it as simple as we do not have to hear the alarm clock go off for a couple of days?

Whatever the reason, we rejoice in Friday….TGIF is here! I suppose now is not the time to mention that at the end of Friday, we are 48 hours away from Monday…..hmmmm.

Have a great weekend!!

John Lusher

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