My Words – My Plan for 2010

In my previous post, I presented three posts on planning for 2010 from people I follow and admire.  I have put together my plan for the year (for the most part) and wanted to share it with you.The post by Chris Brogan, My 3 Words for 2010 got me thinking about my own words and how I would focus my efforts on making sure everything I approached this year fits into these words.Collaboration –  Collaboration is when two or more people or organizations work together toward a common goal.  The longer I am in the business world and involved with social media, the more I realize the importance of collaboration. I am involved in several collaborations with new opportunities presenting themselves on almost a daily basis.  I know that 2010 will be a successful year thanks to the collaborations that I am fortunate enough to be part of and the outstanding professionals that I get to work with.  Collaboration is the key to success in business, social media, and life.Education – When I was in college, many years ago, my brother told me to stay in college as long as I could.  Of course he meant to avoid having to work every day, but the overall benefit, I now realize, was the education that I would enjoy.  I am glad I was able to complete college, but have learned that education is a life-long process.  As  my experience grows in our digital world, I am constantly reminded of how much I don’t know, and that is okay.  I embrace the learning, the education and I feel a responsibility to educate others.  Education is a large part of my life and will help me to succeed this year.Networking – This is one that I shouldn’t need to be reminded of, but it amazes me how a conversation can lead to a connection that can completely change your life or provide you with a business opportunity.  Over the past year I have met people that have done just that, change my life and I am eternally grateful.  I vow to provide more networking opportunities for others and to use my network to help others in 2010.  This will lead to more success for those that I care about and I know it will come back to me with more opportunities.These three words will help to guide me through the year.  My plans include speaking and presenting more, in turn educating others as to networking, social media and how to connect people online and offline.  I will continue to grow my existing collaborations and look for opportunities to collaborate with others.  I will continue my own education, while striving for ways to educate others.That is how I am approaching 2010 and I will succeed.  What about you?  What are your plans for 2010?  Share your thoughts and hold me accountable!


  1. Admirable, I agree with your goals and will put into practice all three this year.Rich

  2. Gina Parris says:

    Fabulous, John!Yeah, we’ll be happy to hold you accountable because you have so much to offer.My plans also include collaboration – I call them "Divine Connections" in ways that will empower more people in the areas of their strengths.One part of my vision for 2010 is to complete some projects started in the past. There have been seeds planted that seemed to die before the harvest, but my heat is stirred that it’s time to breathe life into them and bring them to fruition. I think a big part of that is my understanding of not trying to go it alone.Thanks for being there!

  3. OK, so now I can officially call you "A Man with A Plan". Glad I could help.I agree, it is an adventure out here in La-La-Land with each person, place or thing you meet potentially being someone or something or someplace that could change your direction in life and career. I suggest you keep kicking that Bucket around more this year so more people will come a calling this year making your plan for next year even better.Carry on my friend.

  4. Josh Perrington says:

    I like the way Gina calls them "Divine Connections" & I couldn’t agree more. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for you in 2010 John & also look forward to "holding you accountable". Only if you promise to do the same for me! ;)This is your year man – go get it!

  5. John Lusher says:

    You got it Josh! Accountability helps my friend! Thanks for being you, and here’s to a great 2010 for us both!

  6. Great blog John! You have got it right on. I especially love collaboration. I am blogging now about the connections that occur through social media. It’s just amazing. So glad to know you.All success to you in 2010!

  7. Rochelle Veturis says:

    What a neat idea to choose three words to describe your efforts in 2010 John. Words are powerful and we often sell them short. Your heart follows your words so it’s crucial to use them wisely. I like that bit about being a lifelong learner too. As I read your post it hit me that we have much more freedom now than we probably had in college. Via the internet, we have access to endless resources and opportunities; we can choose how, what and when we want to learn. From webinars, to podcasts, to videos, to blogs like yours, there’s no excuse not to be learning on a continual basis. You pin pointed the key here: not to soak and sour, but to reinvest what we learn into others. Thank you for your inspiration John. I need to think about my three words, but I’ll get back to you when I have ‘em.

  8. John Lusher says:

    Thank you Catherine! Collaboration is the key in my mind and it will ensure success for all involved!! Glad to know you too! Best success to you in 2010!

  9. John Lusher says:

    Much appreciated Rochelle! I believe we have an exceptional opportunity with the tools that are available to continue learning as long as we wish. Choose your words wisely and thank YOU for the inspiration!

  10. Hey John! This was really a great way of thinking about your plans. 3 awesome words and I truly wish you the best!

  11. John Lusher says:

    Thank you Shae! I appreciate your comments and feedback! I wish you continued success in 2010!

  12. These are three great words. If I chose three these would be them. I’m always working with others when it comes to book promotion. I use the internet to learn more about promoting and the craft of writing and I’m forever networking.Good post.

  13. I think that summing up your goals for 2010 into 3 words helps you stay focused and you can go fast forward ahead. I used to have this list of 20 things I read every morning and it got way too overwhelming. Keeping the list small, and reminding yourself to do everything you do around these 3 pointers helps make life easier, more productive, and well – successful! Kudos to you, Bud! Out of the 3, I love collaboration because doing business with those you like, trust, can complement you, makes doing what you love no longer a job, makes it fun, and you go so much further!

  14. John Lusher says:

    Thanks LaShaunda, keep connecting and helping others! I appreciate the comments!!

  15. John Lusher says:

    Thanks Paul, I appreciate the feedback and input you always bring to the table; or the screen 😉 Collaboration is the key in my mind and that is why it is one of my foundational elements for 2010. Let’s rock it!

  16. I’m a believer that the words we speak and think form the world and opportunities around us. By you taking the initiative and making them concrete, you’re already claiming the victory for your 2010. Good job, John. Don’t stop and don’t look back either.

  17. John Lusher says:

    Thanks Rod! Not looking back, just shooting forward! I appreciate the comments and support!

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  19. Admirable, I agree with your goals and will put into practice all three this year.Rich

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