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In this season, we are asked to give to several groups, organizations and charities. I would encourage you to read about DVDs4VETs and do what you can to help this worthwhile cause.  Let’s use the power of social media to spread the word!Their mission is to provide veterans who for any reasons cannot obtain DVDs on their own. The organization is not politically affiliated nor solicit or receive financial assistance. Donors help by giving new and used movies to Veterans, especially to those with limited access, in order to view the latest Hollywood releases.Portable DVD players are greatly appreciated.What follows is the background on how DVDs4VETs got started and links to their site. This information comes from their website and will provide you with an overview of their organization.The idea to start DVDs4VETs came about on Veteran’s Day, 2006. With increasing reports of severely wounded soldiers returning home from Iraq, many of them, due to physical hardships were unable to easily obtain some of the basic entertainment most civilians take for granted.When it became known many of our returning Vets had suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and other serious wounds which required long term rehabilitation, Dr. Richard Landis of Westport, CT wanted to help any way he could. Having returned from a two week visit to Afghanistan where along with a group of surgeons, Dr. Landis helped organize a remote hospital and rehabilitation center for wounded civilians.During a social event over the Christmas Holiday, he met Frank Nicholson of Greenwich, CT who upon hearing of the visit to Afghanistan, suggested putting together another project that would allow our returning Vets to receive donated DVDs while in rehabilitation.Once having Dr. Landis interested, Frank then turned to friends and those he served with during the Korean conflict and in a matter of days, brought together a group of dedicated people interested in participating. One of those contacted was Laurance Baschkin of Rye, NY. Having known Larry during fundraising for Greenwich Hospital, Frank learned of his recent assistance in sending DVDs to active duty personnel serving in Iraq. Larry not only offered to help, but provided office space at his family’s business as well. As a result, Larry agreed to become Executive Director of DVDs4Vets and his tremendous efforts have been graciously appreciated.Other long time friends contacted included Robert Bruder, who donated the use of one of his warehouses located in Stamford, CT as a collection point. Before long, more than 20 individuals began pledging time and financial help to launch DVDs4Vets.As the project has grown substantially, we have added two volunteer positions, including Scott Bowers of Mamaroneck, NY who provides Media Relations and Emily Meyer who coordinates donation deliveries.Thank you for helping out!


  1. Thanks John for bringing this to our attention. What a great idea! I will help in any way I can.

  2. Josh Perrington says:

    As a Vet, thanks so much John for helping & promoting as much as you do! Many of our country’s finest have been truly affected & it’s great to see advocates, like you, step out & step up!

  3. Katherine (SOLO dot MOM) says:

    What a great idea, John! Thanks for sharing and I will try to help spread the word.

  4. Thanks John for bringing this to our attention. What a great idea! I will help in any way I can.

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