It???s About Who You Know – Or Who They Know

For years, sales managers and owners would say, “bring us more sales, get out and call on more people.”That sounds counterproductive!  If you know your numbers and you are certain that calling on “X” number of prospects will result in “X” number of proposals, which will result in “X” number of sales, then this method will work for you.For me, its about who I know and who you know.  It is called doing business by referral or by relationship.  A much better way to reach potential clients.Recently I have started embracing social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc.  Some people see these new resources as a waste of time or nothing more than a social gathering place.  They are wrong! These social media sites can lead to business. Maybe not directly with someone that you chat with or “tweet” with, but who do they know?  Who can they introduce you to?Since becoming active with Twitter, I have been fortunate to meet multiple followers in person; these face-to-face meetings provide an opportunity to learn about each other.  In other words, we continue the process of building relationships.  These relationships can lead to business, but even if they don’t we are building our network.During a recent meeting with a Twitter follower, the person asked me who was on my “hit list.”  She actually wanted to make it about business and about how she could help me.  Imagine that; we “met” online via Twitter, that turned into a face-to-face meeting and she wanted to know how she could help me.  Do you think she would have asked me that question if I had cold called her?  The answer is no.As with traditional sales methods, building relationships require time, patience and follow up.  Most importantly you need to approach building any relationhip by finding out how you can help them first. This simple, but often overlooked action can make a big difference in your relationships and your business.John Lusher


  1. Kathy McGraw says:

    John,I found you on Twitter because of a friend of mine, Nannette Saunders. We became friends from Active Rain, another networking site.My point is, I am here reading this because of a friend talks about you-relationships. Yes, you never know who knows who 🙂

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