Have We Forgotten How To Be In The Moment?

My friend Rochelle Veturis (@rochelleveturis) inspired me to update and republish this post. In a Twitter conversation, Rochelle mentioned striving for balance in 2010; whether you are striving for balance or harmony as you start a new year, being in the moment should be part of it.If we think back several years ago, being in the moment meant you paid attention to your surroundings; you gave the surroundings, the person, the place, or the action you were involved with your full attention. Do we do that now? I think in a lot of instances, we do not. We cannot drink a cup of coffee, walk down the street or have a conversation without an electronic device in our hand, diluting the ambiance.  There is even an app available for the iPhone that let’s  you type on the screen, while activating the camera so that you can see what is in front of you while you walk.  Some people would say that I need this application…A friend occasionally reminds me to be in the moment; its good advice because we are more connected now with more opportuniites to be distracted. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Internet access on our phone and YouTube videos in the palm of our hand, it is easy to forget about what else is around us.When was the last time you hiked in the mountains with the cell phone turned off? When was the last time you stretched out on the beach with a book, and left the laptop in the hotel room? Maybe take a cruise without the international plan on your smarthone?  When was the last time you just paused, took a break and looked at what was around you?  These moments pass by us, and we can never recapture them; once they are gone, they are gone forever.How can you Be In The Moment? Here are some ideas:1. Take notice of the world around you. No matter what you are doing, take notice of the beauty that is around you. It could be something minor, but take time to notice it.2. Focus on whatever you are doing. Stop multi-tasking and focus on what you are working on right now. Enjoy it, focus on it, live in the moment.3. When you eat, just eat. Enjoy a meal without Twittering, checking email or talking on your cell phone/working on your laptop. If you are enjoying a meal with someone, they should be the most important person on the planet at that point in time.4. Be still and listen. Turn off the electronic devices, the music and other noise makers, you will amazed at what you will hear and how it can refocus you.5. Practice. Like any life skill that you want to improve, it takes practice.6. Use resources to make your more efficient; schedule tasks, employ the services of a Virtual Assistant, plan to work and plan to relax.So are you practicing being in the moment? Like me, can you stand some improvement? Does Social & Digital Media make it harder for you to be in the moment? Let me know what you think!


  1. John, great post. It is so true that in today’s world we need to put down the distractions and live a little and enjoy the moment.

  2. Excellent advice! To be more mindful of the reality around us in spite of the digital distractions.

  3. jenajean (Jenifer Olson) says:

    A nice post from a nice guy RT <a rel="nofollow" href="http://twitter.com/johnlusher&quot; rel="nofollow">@johnlusher</a> New blog post: Have We Forgotten How To Be In The Moment? http://johnlusher.com/?p=365

  4. John,Hubby and I almost called it quits about 5 years ago and after 26 years of marriage.To make a long story short, we chucked the corporate rate race and cell phones and moved to the country.We are learning to live simply and in the moment. Up until a few months ago, we had only 3 channels on our television and even now, only have a "basic" package.I did break down and get a cell phone just last month. You can read about it here, if you wish. http://tinyurl.com/c7x8uoNice post, btw!

  5. Mr Business Golf says:

    I think playing Business Golf is "being in the moment". If forces you to slow down..probably why many people do not like golf.I was at a golf outing a few months ago and the after golf dinner speaker was talking about how people using electronic devices on the golf course are really not helping the game. He describe them as people who live faster than the moment and are living for the ‘nanosecond’ which will lead to a heart attack if not put into control.This feeling of needing to know all when it happens is part of the "one Upsmanship’ that is developing online for being the fist to know about something that just broke…it seems a person’s ‘Cool’ factor goes up if you break something new..even if that something new had to do with someone Breaking Wind.There is also this anxiety that builds up with people who get hundreds of emails a day from the many people they have developed friendships online. The fear of not responding immediately to someone’s email advicing you to "Check this out" is overwhelming and is what drives people to want to clear their emails right away.I can agree, that not taking a look at emails a least once a day can cause a unproductive backlog of emails to read…All of this makes us live for the nanosecond or tomorrow instead of slowing down and going back to living for the moment.

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  7. Helena Ritchie says:

    As someone who’s had a couple of heart attacks already, I can attest to the fact that living for the nanosecond will do its level best to kill you.I’ve had to learn to slow down the hard way, but now I make sure I take time to read (books, not blogs!) every day, walk in the park and watch the ducks as often as I can, and yes… I play golf without the cell phone. It’s amazing what you can notice when you take the time to look at what’s around you.Great post! Enjoy your long weekend. 🙂

  8. johnlusher (JohnLusher) says:

    Are We Less Social With Social Media?..http://tinyurl.com/qmbepe & Have We Forgotten How To Be In The Moment? http://tinyurl.com/c7x8uo

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  10. Gina Parris says:

    John, I can happily say that reading the title of this post caused me to breathe deeply and read it all with my full attention – which made it one of the best posts I’ve ever enjoyed!!I love this subject, and I am convinced that being fully engaged in the "right now" is a beautiful step towards the supernatural.Now… back to whatever it was I was doing before I stopped to read this post… 🙂

  11. John Lusher says:

    Thank you so much Gina!! I appreciate the comments, and yes, being in the moment requires full attention!Now back to what you were doing!

  12. This blog post is actually my fave 1 out of all the ideas you’ve shared, because it relates to me &amp; my crazy life. Between my 2 businesses, my desires to get married soon, charity work, my health, etc. it’s hard trying to separate the big blur that is my life. Although on the surface, doing multiple things to shave mere minutes makes sense, I enjoy what I do less, the quality of my work gets compromised, and to be honest…I don’t take any lessons or growth not focusing on my things. I need to get out of my comfort zone of multi-tasking and do it 1 at a time. Thank you, John!

  13. Todd Dewell says:

    I saw the link to this story fly by while I was watching the Vikings game and "watching" Twitter via Tweetdeck on my Mac.At that moment I was also checking email, trying to find a link to my Flickr photos of a trip I took, so that a friend could see if he wanted to go there.Sometimes being in the present moment in this digital age means packing lots of short activities into short time frames. It is quick, frantic and fun.So when you are doing the social media/email thing just be there, but I also think you are correct that it needs to be balanced with present moments that are a bit more relaxed.For me, being outside and exercising provides that balance.

  14. John Lusher says:

    Thanks for the comments Todd! I agree, no matter what the moment, be in it and enjoy it!

  15. Rochelle Veturis says:

    Oh John, I’m with Paul. This post goes in the JL Hall of Fame. I’m glad you revived it so that we could converse, engage and be challenged. I love that you were inspired by my #Balance2010 hash tag. Want to know a secret? I’ve been tagging it on tweets as a constant reminder, to myself of all people, that this year will be different. This year I won’t be so distracted. This year, I will have no more excuses and I’ll manage my time differently. Words are powerful, and we need to surround ourselves with good ones.Thank you for quitting your distractions just long enough time to breathe new life into this post John. We, your loyal fans and followers, would have missed out had you not. So thanks again, keep shining and make it happen –#Balance2010. Hugs.

  16. Chelsey Veturis says:

    Love it John.. Great post as always : ) You rock!!

  17. John, great post. It is so true that in today’s world we need to put down the distractions and live a little and enjoy the moment.

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