For a lot of us, social media and social networking is appealing due to the ability to partner with other professionals and so called competitors.  I choose to refer to these individuals and companies as opportunities for collaboration, not competition.But how do you choose the right partnership?  Obviously there has to be trust,  a good working relationship, and a the companies or individuals compliment each other; but what else does a good partnership require?

  • What is the aim of the partnership?
  • What are the partnerships goals and objectives?
  • What are the measures of success?
  • How will the partners work together?
  • How will the duties be defined?
  • How will information be shared?

In our connected world, a lot of these questions can be more easily answered than in years past, but you still must look at how the partners can and will work together.  You should also address what happens if the partnership dissolves.  Remember, we are talking about individuals; things can happen that will have an impact on the partnership.I actively promote the partnerships that I am involved with; do you?Those are my thoughts.  Agree?  Disagree?  What do you think?

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