What Has Twitter Done For You?

Do you ever wonder; why am I spending so much time on Twitter? I am sure that thought has crossed your mind from time to time. Especially if you click over to Tweetwasters, a just for fun site that will show you how much time you have spent on Twitter!You may also want to check out your Twitter Grade by visiting TwitterGrader.com. This site ranks your Twitter Grade on a percentage scale; as of this posting, I am sitting at 99.6%; and yes, my goal is to reach 100%!I have put together a Top 10 List of Things Twitter has done for me and for others. Some of these are my personal experience, others are from friends that responded to my request for their thoughts on the subject. I encourage you to comment on the list and provide me with feedback on what its done for you!1. Expanded my personal and professional network of friends and colleagues; some of these relationships will last a lifetime.2. Permitted me to effectively grow my business, which in turn has afforded me the opportunity to provide services I hadn’t previously thought of.3. Taught me the true value of being able to pay it forward.4. As someone that wants to know the latest, Twitter has provided me with breaking news! One such source is Breaking News On.5. It provides me with an outlet for my desire to be more social. There are only so many Chamber events you can attend!6. Answers to questions, business problems and ideas. Your Twitter followers are a wealth of information.7. An infinite social experiment that we can all participate in and be an active part of, whether we are at home, the office, or on the road. No Tweeting while driving!8. Connect with people all over the world. I communicate daily with followers in the United States, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, United Kingdom, Canada, South America, and many other countries.9. Provide feedback and information to my followers. On a daily basis, followers ask me for feedback on websites, blogs, etc.10. A tool to market your business, blog or website. When we posted How To Partner With A Virtual Assistant recently, in the course of two hours, based only on Twittering that a new post was now up, we drove over 500 hits to the site – in two hours – only promoting it on Twitter.What Has Twitter Done For You?


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  2. In reference to the 10 points you have made here only Two have any relevance to what Twitter has done for me..which on a percentage scale would be next to NOTHING. This two points refer to how many friends or contacts I have made. That is about all that Twitter has done. Anything referring to Twitter expanding my revenue horizons would be quickly answered with..notta, nothing. a true limp biscuit when it comes to having any monetary gain…So, the question you would have is.. why am I using Twitter?…and that is a Good Question…the answer would probably be because of the two things that twitter does do..gives me a stage to communicate with friends like you. What is the value of that?..truly priceless.Now if I could raise the value on making Twitter worth my while I could see that Twitter is then doing more for me professionally. Unfortunately sooner or later the value of Twitter for me will diminish towards things that do have a monetary gain…so overall, twitter is doing great in social part of life…not for the professional side of life.

  3. On a business level, Twitter has doubled the traffic to my website in the three weeks since I’ve started using it. I’ve made great contacts, did some link exchanges, and got content contributions for the site.On a personal level, I love Twitter. I love the stream of ideas from people all over the globe. Besides, they make me laugh!

  4. Nice list of countries. You should look to your north sometime. Y’all seem to forget your loving neighbour.

  5. Staci J. Shelton says:

    For me, Twitter has been invaluable. In reading the comments, it all depends on what you value. As a person who values communication and community, Twitter is Priceless. I can (and have) built relationships all over the world that have enriched my life, some of which have turned into friendships or business partnerships.I’ve received speaking invitations, been used as a panelist on different seminars and workshops. Visibility of my brand and what I do has expanded worldwide, that absolutely could not have been done without Twitter.Great Post!

  6. leslie carothers says:

    I am so glad you asked this question, John!Twitter has done all of the things you mentioned for me. Every one, but I thought readers might be interested to know WHY it has worked for some business people I know to drive traffic and/or produce revenue opportunities:Here is what it has done for @thecenturyhouse: (not my client)Jacob is a furniture retailer I met first through twitter. I found out, when I met him in real life in @juliarosien’s Natura showroom in Las Vegas at the furniture market in February, that he got on twitter due to an article I wrote for my column on Furniture Today called "Retail Ideas."As of last Friday,twitter was the number one referring site (other than Google organic search) to HIS furniture store’s website.He has only been on twitter two months. Yes, two months. THAT’s the message I pray more people in my vertical, furniture, understand!Here’s the "WHY" : Because he is actively communicating with me and many others on Twitter-almost every day-many people following me or others he is communicating with see his name and see us all say what a great store he has and voila!-traffic.Imagine what will happen over a year or so-especially if he starts to blog and even-maybe-hires a full time person to follow every tweet with the word "furniture" in it so he can take advantage of any opportunities those tweets may represent to connect with people wanting to buy furniture.Since he ships everywhere, this is a huge REVENUE PRODUCING opportunity for him.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BiOH poylols-division of Cargill-my client:Now, as for me, I have really been BLESSED with many people willing to connect and help me commununicate the BiOH polyols story. Soy polyols are not a "sexy" subject so it has amazed both my client and myself that so many have been willing to help us get out the story of how BiOH soy foam can save so many barrels of oil if consumers just know to ask for it when shopping for furniture or bedding. It doesn’t cost them any extra. To be exact, by the way, for every million pounds of BiOH polyols sold, 2200 gallons of crude oil are saved!WHY are people willing to share info with THEIR followers about BiOH? So far, none of the posts written about BiOH have been requested or sponsored. Because EVERYONE -esp. the thought leaders on twitter,cares about finding a way to help conserve our natural resources for their children’s future without spending more money/time AND because I FIRST go out of my way to help other people tell THEIR stories. It’s important to note, though, that it is my natural personality to help other people and creatively connect them. I have done that all of my life-anyone reading this whom I know in real life will nod their heads in agreement. So, my helping other people would happen WHETHER OR NOT I had a client here-but because I am like this naturally-it has definitely helped my client in their quest to become branded at the consumer level for soy foams in the furniture and bedding industries.So, without having to ask, the principle of reciprocity and pay it forward is active and alive on Twitter-in a very big way.I am so grateful for this-I had no idea when I first got on Twitter four months ago that it would turn into such a powerful tool for my clients.In addition, Twitter has led to several offline revenue opportunities for my client which I am not able to disclose, but I can say that they are very significant.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Personally, twitter has healed my heart and given me newfound hope in the kindness of strangers. I am at a loss to describe how much it has meant to me as I have had a very rough two and a half years. I am free here to show and give love and hope and help to men and women all over the world-every day. The love and smiles I experience all day long as a result ranks close to the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. By focusing on the positive, it has helped me immensely in dealing with the negative and overcoming and triumphing over the pain I have experienced these last two and a half years.I hope everyone that knows me reads this..I will try at least to make sure they see it, so they will know of the fabulous opportunities Twitter represents in so many aspects of one’s life.We are all one-truly. All over the world. We may express it differently, but our hearts beat as one.

  7. Nice post-also it helps to solve personal issues like when Comcast messed up an install and wanted to charge me to fix their errors. It also provides a unique insight into the different cultures and a better way to approach them with discussions/or not.Nice post.

  8. Patti Dragland says:

    Twitter has been quite the phenomenon for me. When I first signed up to see what all the hype was about it didn’t look to me like it was anything special at all. Had a profile, wasn’t sure how to find friends and thought it was odd that so many people were talking about it like it was the best thing since sliced bread!After about a week I was in the hundreds for followers and learning, I made a few “mistakes” in what I came to understand were the Twitter community’s rules of thumb, but corrected them with each hint and helpful suggestion offered to me.The world is going global, the generation we have entering the workforce is truly a global community who understand global collaboration and communication. They share and speak and collaborate with people all over the world with various social medium and are teaching us that setting up walls of self protection will only serve to hinder the remarkable opportunities which lay before us. Twitter is serving that trend faster and more completely than any other medium is. It is real time, it is all inclusive. Twitter is helping us build the relationships of our future. People are collectively praying and sending positive energy to people who need it, and re-tweeting those messages in farther reaching scopes than I could have imagined.Twitter allows for groups of like-industry to locate and find each other all over the world, it is sharing news of conferences and gatherings to people who would have not otherwise known about them. It is giving people a chance to promote their sites, their blogs, their products and their services with like-minded people and is a platform for doing so in a relationship based model – something the world has been seeking for quite some time. It is teaching on-line etiquette to people who are new to on-line and is virally providing encouragement to keep on going.Most significantly, it is providing a strong positive message in this time of fear, job-loss, and economic plight for some. The messages I hear every day are messages of hope, of faith of belief and of encouraging positivity from a throng of people who understand that collective thought produces results. Is it a waste of my time, certainly not! In fact, I have made some very good friends on Twitter I would not have otherwise ever had the opportunity to meet and those people are significantly changing my life!As Leslie says above: "We are all one-truly. All over the world. We may express it differently, but our hearts beat as one."

  9. Jacob Harlow says:

    I just wanted to chime in here. I see this conversation happening here as the best answer to you question John. (and by the way, thanks for asking it) The dialog that happens as a result of Twitter and the smart people involved there is amazing to me. So much smart conversation is happening that a newbie like me can’t help but sit back and be in awe. And Learn! I find myself learning so much from the amazing people such as yourself on Twitter. As Leslie mentions above, there may be other things that Twitter is doing for me… But this learning and sharing is by far the best outcome. Thanks again to everyone! I am on Twitter at @TheCenturyHouse 🙂

  10. Christopher G. Hill says:

    I started a skeptic and am now a convert! So many opportunities have opened and I appreciate everyone that has helped me along the way.

  11. I’m a total convert and agree with all your points as Twitter has done the same for me. More traffic to my blog; some great contacts; links I would never have found in the ordinary course of the day – it’s like have thousands of people out there doing the research for me!

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