What Is A Virtual Assistant?

My main goal with this business and blog is to provide you with the latest digital and social media tools to expand your business and community. Another goal is to bring you valuable information on services and options that can help you devote more time to your business, community and family. One of the best methods to accomplishing this: using a Virtual Assistant (VA). Over the next few weeks, I plan to bring you, thanks to my good friend Suzie from Ace Concierge, an in depth look at what a Virtual Assistant can do for you. Please read and pass along!


The phone is ringing, there are 3 proposals to be written, 75 emails requiring immediate attention, your best client hasn’t received his shipment, you need to reschedule a few appointments, and your spouse’s birthday is in two weeks. Sighing, you continue to add these new Monday morning additions to your already extensive To Do list. Frantically, you suddenly remember that you have a crucial business meeting with a potential client at Chez MustDo at noon, but if you can’t manage to tackle some of these urgent details, you realize you might have to forgo your luncheon appointment. This is your last and final opportunity with impress Mr. Maxell B. Wig.As the angst sets in, you have an Ah Ha! moment. You remembered a conversation you had with a virtual assistant. Rummaging through your desktop, papers are flying everywhere, you find it!! There she is! Your savior!!By definition, Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent entrepreneurs providing a variety of professional administrative, concierge-type services, and technical support to clients. VAs use the most advanced means of communication, efficient time saving office applications, and web-based platforms to effectively deliver the end results, regardless of geographical location.Virtual Assistants are valuable assets to any organization or individual needing that extra pair of hands, eyes, AND ears. We are here to fully support your back office operations and help you to manage your personal tasks/To Do lists. With only 24 hours in a day, and the barrage of daily challenges and demands that are thrown in our laps, it is no wonder that the majority of us are highly stressed and needing assistance. Partnering with a VA is a sure win-win situation. You will not only save time, but you will reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, enhance your time management, and find the time to focus ON your business rather than in it.Susan PoirierAce Concierge, LLCEnhancing YOUR life, one task at a time.www.aceconcierge.netwww.nhvirtualassistant.comwww.twitter.com/aceconciergeCome back for next week’s post, How To Use A Virtual Assistant


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    ?? This is really great information. Videos are incredibly helpful tools for training purposes. Thank you very much!

  2. Darlene Siddons says:

    great article and looking forward to the upcoming information….VA’s also stay current on the latest technology to benefit their clients and one of those new items are….Vision Map Videos…..they are great for all your clients advertising needs and customer contact needs….check them out and let me know if you have any questions….darlenehttp://visionmapvideo.blogspot.com/

  3. Kameaka Graves says:

    I’m a VA with a budding VA practice and very high demands outside of my 9-5. You’re article gave me just the push I needed to get myself together, organize, re-set my goals, and get moving again.Awesome Article!Best in SuccessKameaka

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  5. Nickey Hollenbach says:

    Great Post! Thanks for sharing what we VA’s do, giving a little insight from a personal point of view! Finding a VA is easy, too – go to VAnetworking.com, IVVAA, or look for a local VA organization in your area.Thanks again – See you on Twitter!

  6. aceconcierge (?Suzie ?NO Auto DMs?) says:

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  8. LoraPapineau says:

    I love it!! Sounds so helpful. I can’t wait to learn more. I can use a VA to help keep up and improve my website. Great info!

  9. Justin Karr says:

    Interesting article! Having a Virtual Assistant also allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to have the benefit of an assistant, without having to employ someone full-time or have to cover ANY overhead expenses.-JustinDirector, Secretary in Israel.

  10. Virtual Assistant Services says:

      This is really great information. Videos are incredibly helpful tools for training purposes. Thank you very much!

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