Double D’s Diary

Friends, take some time to check out Double D’s Diary. She is the niece of a good friend of mine; help spread the word!

Thank you for finding your way to “Double D’s Diary: Jessica’s Breast Cancer Journey.” Double D’s is more than a just a cup size; it stands for Debby’s daughter which was Jessica’s mom, who died from breast cancer in 1999.

Three generations have now been hit by this disease and Jesse’s wish is to be able to share her journey with you while she does battle like a warrior, post helpful information and tools to guide you and provide inspiration and just as importantly, give you a voice to share amongst your peers, women like you, like your moms, your sisters, aunts, or friends. We are here to support each other and have a community where we can share openly and honestly, without fear. And you men out there, come on in! We want to hear from you too: the sons, husbands, brothers and supporters of your women dressed in pink.

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