The Hope Of A New Day

If you know me, even in a casual manner or as a follower on any of our social platforms, you know that I am the eternal optimist. I believe things will be better and that we have within us the power to make things better; for ourselves or for others.

It is this core belief that leads me to celebrate mornings. I strive to see as many sunrises as I can because it’s a renewal for my soul and my spirit. I’ve heard that we only get 20,000 sunrises, give or take a few depending on our lifespan, so celebrating each limited sunrise makes sense to me.

This belief doesn’t come without it’s detractors nor does it insulate me from negative thoughts or bad days; but it does provide me with a cornerstone that I know I can depend on; the belief that with each sunrise, with each morning, there is hope renewed.

No matter what your current circumstances, take some time to watch a sunrise and celebrate a brand new day. Let it enrich your soul and spirit too!

Have a great weekend!

Mother’s Day 2011


Taking a few minutes today to say Happy Mother’s to all of the mom’s of the world, and especially to my mother, Vivian C. Lusher.  Mom had to finish raising the three of us after our father died at an early age; more on dad and how my mom raised us on her own in future posts.I have often said that if I become half the person my mother is, I will consider myself a success.  Most of what I know about treating other people, about how to build and maintain relationships, about being fair and honest and approaching each day with gratitude and a positive outlook; I learned from her. I often tell her; I also got my bad knees and gray hair from her too.  :)She is loved by all who know her, and her cooking is second to none!  My friends from school can vouch for that, she was a school cafeteria employee for a number of years.So to the mom’s of the world and to my mom, Happy Mother’s Day!  Relax and enjoy!