Social Media & Helping Others

If you are an active user of social media, you have seen the outpouring of love, Tweets, posts and money donated to the relief effort in Haiti.  As of the date of this post, Americans have donated over $377 million dollars towards Haitian relief.  The American Red Cross has received over $5 million with their text donation campaign.Twitter is filled with Tweets about Haiti and how individuals can get involved in helping with donations.  I encourage all users of social media to use this medium responsibly in responding to the Haiti tragedy or in promoting other ways to help non-profits and charities.  Tweet and post about how to help or provide links to organizations and charities you know and can recommend.  Clogging the Twitter stream with feel good Tweets about such tragedies does not help and can be counter-productive.Chris Messina has a great post on designing hashtags for emergency response.  Check out his post and be helpful by using social media responsibly in helping others.