Men & Women: Who Is More Likely To Use Social Media?

During our recent Friday morning Social Media group meeting, this question was raised; who is more likely to use social media, men or women? An extension of the question specifically applied to LinkedIn; are men or women more likely to use the site to expand their network?During our meeting, I asked the question on LinkedIn‘s Q&A section, and although some thought I was treating the site as a dating site, I eventually received some good feedback. One respondent provided me with a link to an interesting site, Quantcast; this site provides you with information on how people are using digital media.If you type in LinkedIn to Quantcast, you will find that it is composed of 53% male and 47% female, along with other interesting information such as income, education level and whether or not the typical user has children. If you are using social or digital media to market your business, this site could be valuable to you. If not, it is just interesting to see which sites are being used by men and women.We all know that women are more natural social networkers in real life, but what about online? What are your thoughts and opinions and why?Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.