Free Wi-Fi: Am I Missing Something?


Am I missing something with places that should, but don’t offer free wi-fi?  

Recently I have seen an increase in fast food restaurants offering free wi-fi; places like McDonalds and Wendy’s along with the traditional locations such as Starbucks and other coffee shops.  Denny’s Restaurants are now offering it free in some locations and using this as a tool to promote to potential diners.  This trend is going to continue as a method to lure patrons to a specific location over it’s competition. 

So, my question is; why do certain hotels, and hotel chains continue to charge $10.00 or more per day for Internet access at their properties?  I understand that the hospitality industry is doing all it can to keep and increase its profit margin, and that they have lost one of the major revenue sources; charging for phone access int their rooms; but come on!  More people use and travel with smartphones, tablets, and portable devices that use and require an Internet connection; but charging for that access is bound to make some travels search for properties that offer it complimentary.  Build it into the price if you need to, but not a separate charge!

While being worried about $10.00 per day for Internet access, the hospitality industry is about to be turned on it’s ear by  A site that offers rooms, homes, rentals and places to stay, directly from the owners of the properties, at reduced rates compared to comparable hotels.

Those are my thoughts; what are yours? 

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