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Twitter Etiquette – NO Automatic DM’s


This is an ongoing series of blog posts on Twitter Etiquette. My first post, Ten Things Not To Do On Twitter can be a a good starting point for new users and a good reminder for us veteran Twitter users.Twitter and other forms of Social Media is about relationships. Learn it, live it, and love it; or suffer damage to your reputation when you attempt to shorten the time it takes to develop these relationships! One of the quickest ways to torpedo a new social media relationship, before it even has a chance to begin forming? The Automatic DM (Direct Message). Twitter DM’s can be a tool to communicate privately with one of your followers; but it is NOT a method to automatically send your followers information they have not requested!When you receive a new follower, send them a personal tweet, engage them in conversations and ask to learn more about them or their business. Remember, it is about relationships, not initially trying to sell something!Here are some personal favorites; actual DM’s received by me or some of my followers: I just created a new group for you to join, please check out my blog!It is great meeting you, keep smiling and spreading your good cheer! Hey, help spread the word about this link, video, site You know how to use Twitter, check out my site and give me your valued feedbackNo one knows about this, but I have stock tip that you will want to act on nowFor me, any of these types of DM’s will simply cause me to unfollow you!If you want a good tool for reducing the number of Auto DM’s, check out SocialToo; it is a great service and worth checking out.Let me know some of your “favorite” Auto DM’s and don’t be THAT person that abuses a new relationship. [Read more…]


We all know that Twitter is worldwide and that it’s not just a site, it is a communication method. But do you know how many people, local to you, are on Twitter?

One of the recently created tools that I would encourage you to check out is TweetVA. This tool is a Virginia Twitter Directory that is expanding rapidly. Additional Virginia cities and locations are added daily and the method to add your Twitter name to the list is very easy; just tweet @TweetVA with your location and it will be added! What could be easier?The site will also include an expanded directory soon, so bookmark it and use it often.If you would like to meet the person behind TweetVA and you live in or around Roanoke, join us at our Thursday morning Meetup 2.0. What is Meetup 2.0? It is a weekly opportunity to gather and discuss Digital & Social Media and how we use it. Participants at our Meetups include Digital & Social Media veterans as well as newbie’s; we all learn from each other and start developing lasting relationships, so you should join us!I encourage you to join us Thursday @ 9:00 AM at Panera Bread, Valley View Mall. If you cannot join us this week, there is always next week. Help us by spreading the word!