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Meetup 2.0 – Roanoke

Meetup 2.0 – Roanoke: Join Us Thursday’s at 9:00 AM, at the Best Western Inn, Valley View Mall location.Meetup 2.0 is a weekly opportunity to gather and discuss Digital and Social Media as well as how we use it. Participants at our Meetups include Digital & Social Media veterans as well as newbie’s; we all learn from each other and start developing lasting relationships, so you should join us!If you are on LinkedIn, you can join our Meetup 2.0 Group and help us promote our weekly meetings!How about Facebook? You can find more information about us on Facebook too!I encourage you to join us Thursday @ 9:00 AM at Best Western Inn at Valley View Mall. If you cannot join us this week, there is always next week. Help us by spreading the word and bringing a guest!Special thanks to Lori Womack the Manager at the Best Western Inn for hosting our Meetings!Thank you!

Blue Ridge PBS JobQuest & Tweetup

Blue Ridge PBS will be hosting its live monthly JobQuest show for viewers in western Virginia and parts of West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky on Tuesday, July 7 at 7 pm.Working with Stuart Mease (@stuartmease) from the City of Roanoke, we have convinced the producer and host, based on a trial run last month to have a live segment about using Twitter for job searches. As a result, we will have a room exclusively for people on Twitter to come and tweet live at the studio between 6pm – 8 pm.Patsy Stewart (@Stewartb2b) who has been doing some work for Kissito Post Accute Care (@kissitocareers) in Roanoke will be interviewed. Their site was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 employers in the US who use Twitter for recruiting workers.If you tweet about anything, looking for a job or are in employer, please help us with this innovative project. If you can, join us at the Blue Ridge PBS studio on Tuesday, July 7 from 6 pm – 8 pm. Stuart need to know who will be coming by Monday, July 5.Thanks for spreading the word and bring as many as you want. Also, you can follow Stuart at @stuartmease, the station @blueridgepbs, and tag tweets #jobquest and #Rke

Ditch Your Resume – Web 2.0 Strategies to Launch Your Next Career

We are pleased to partner with to bring you the necessary tools to Launch Your Next Career….Social Media!

You may as well Ditch Your Resume because what good is a killer resume if No One Can Find It?

For More Information About This Exciting Workshop, Watch This Quick Video:  Ditch Your Resume

You may as well Ditch Your Resume because what good is a killer resume if No One Can Find It?

  • People are getting hired every day on Google and LinkedIn…Because they are being FOUND.
  • Google is the king of Internet Search…What will recruiters see if they Google your name?
  • With 100 contacts in your LinkedIn network only 2.5% of the LinkedIn community will find you…
  • With a LinkedIn network of 500+ contacts you can be found by 90% of Recruiters using LinkedIn
  • If your phone isn’t ringing… then you’re just another resume tossed in the trash.
  • Getting interviews but not getting hired…then you’re not reinforcing your personal brand.
  • Are your references providing value or harm…a written LinkedIn recommendation is black and white
  • What’s in your blog, WHAT you don’t have one??? Why not write about your projects and awards so potential employers can find them.
  • What can you write in a 140 characters??? Use the hottest social network, Twitter, to find your dream career!
  • Are Friends & Fans more than names and faces??? Use Facebook to catapult relationships into career strategies.
  • Be on Google’s top pages for Your Key Word
  • Learn how to Blog about things Employers want to know
  • Establish yourself as a front runner using LinkedIn
  • Define your Unique ‘Personal Brand’
  • Create SEO friendly Profiles
  • Discover how Twitter can land your Dream job

Join us and learn how to use Social Media to find your next career!