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I must admit to you, my readers, that I have been remiss in putting out frequent blog posts lately.  I accept full responsibility for that.  Business and life has been busy, but that is no excuse!This post is to let you know that, while life is great, and getting better every day, I am making some changes in my professional and personal life that will enable to me to connect more and communicate more with each of you! As the saying goes, “it’s all good.”So, thank you for reading and stay tuned; the best is yet to come!  I appreciate you sticking with me as I revamp my site too; the support you provide to me is amazing!


Being an iPhone owner, I think this is kid of cool; but then again, you can  just turn the phone off….LOL

The Phonekerchief($25). “Made of a ‘smart material’ that blocks phone signals.”  Available from Thursday, November 25, 2010 for $15. Phone not included. 

Trust House Strategic Planning Session

Trust House is a shelter for homeless individuals and families. We operate from two homes in Old Southwest Roanoke. We assist 24 people each evening.  I am proud to server on the Board for Trust House.  These photos are from our Strategic Planning Session on Friday.


Please check them out and support if you can!


Today’ iPhone Wallpaper

Veterans Day – Thank you all for the sacrifices you have made.


Men With Sisters Are Happier

I completely agree with this study!  I have a sister and I am happier!!!

-John Lusher

A recent study from Brigham Young University claims that men who have sisters are happier than men who don???t. The research is supported by a couple other studies that were released last year in Britain. So what explains this trend? What about having sisters makes men happier people?  


At the New York Times, Deborah Tannen, a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University, surveyed over 100 women about their sisters. She found that men didn???t use sisters so much for emotional support ??? which many believe is the advantage of having sisters ??? but that they did talk to sisters more than brothers.

???If men, like women, talk more often to their sisters than to their brothers, that could explain why sisters make them happier. The interviews I conducted with women reinforced this insight. Many told me that they don???t talk to their sisters about personal problems, either.???

So in the end, men are more likely to talk at length to their sisters, but it doesn???t necessarily have to be about emotional things. In fact, maybe just talking more makes people generally happier.

From Life 360  and the NY Times