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Coloring Outside the Lines

You never know where a Facebook status update will lead!   Last week, I posted “Warning! Today I am coloring OUTSIDE the lines ;)The likes and the posts started flowing which tells me I struck a nerve, in a positive manner!  The screen shot below is  only a portion of what people had to say on the post, and a week later, I am still getting likes and comments.After laughing about it for a while, I got excited about what this said to me about life!  We do not like to be told we must color inside the lines!!  Remember as children, when we were taught how to color, we were told to color inside the lines; to heck with that!  Why not do what we feel like we should or could do?  Why not make our own lines and color where WE want to color?  No one wants to be told how to act, whether in coloring, or in life!We were all created as unique human beings with no two people alike!  No fingerprints are the same, no DNA is the same, we are all different!  So why “Color Inside the Lines” like everyone else?I say be yourself! Be different, be unique….take your crayons and Color OUTSIDE the Lines!!

Why Not Leave A Comment?


Our social media group, Meetup 2.0 had a discussion recently on blog posts; more specifically  how it seems to be getting harder to obtain comments on posts. This discussion was started by Patsy Stewart with The Social BUZZ Lab. Patsy pointed out that even popular blogs posts will enjoy several Re-tweets and even posts on various social communities, the amount of comments left on these posts are minimal compared to their popularity.Why is that?  Why do we, as consumers of this information, as practitioners, promoters and users of social media not comment as much or as often as we should? Is it because we are too busy?  Do we think that sharing a blog post on Facebook or LinkedIn or Re-tweeting it on Twitter takes the place of commenting on the actual blog post?Trust me, it’s not!Comments on blog posts serve several purposes:

  • It lets the blog or post author know how the post is received. In other words, it let’s the author know whether they are doing a good job or not.
  • If the post is on a controversial topic, which is a good way to encourage comments, you can take the pulse of your readers.
  • Feedback on a topic that may be misunderstood or that may need further clarification.
  • Encouragement for the author to keep blogging or to expand on a topic.

So, why do we not comment as often as we should?  You tell me!If you want to increase the amount of comments on your own blog, here are some useful tips:

  • Comment on other blogs; it get’s your name and your blogs name out there.
  • Write a controversial post.
  • Write well thought out blog posts.
  • Have a colleague or a professional review your blog posts to ensure they are grammatically correct.
  • Strive to continue to write until you are well known or until you have a network to support you by adding comments.  The more comments that are on your blog, the more comments that will be left on your blog.
  • Build a small network of colleagues or professionals that will help you by commenting on your posts. Do the same for their blogs by supporting each other with comments, re-posts and re-tweets.

Those are some of my thoughts; what are your thoughts on this topic?

Are We Too Obsessed with Facebook?

From Mashable & very interesting!

Obsessed with Facebook
Via: Online Schools



Today is Wednesday, January 12, 2011.  This is the only Wednesday 1/12/11 we are going to get, so why not make it the best possible?Take the opportunity of today to make a new connection, phone a friend yo haven’t spoken to in a while or do something you have been putting off? In other words, make the most of it!  Some days our good mornings, good nights, Tweets and Update Posts run together in the rush of the day; take a moment to slow down, be in the moment and enjoy the day.24 hours, 1.440 minutes, 86,400 seconds.  Make the most of today and every day!

Why Do We Love Friday?


Have you ever wondered exactly WHY we love Friday so much? Is it because we have a two day break from work? If so, should we reexamine what we do for a living? We really should love what we do, even with the challenges that work provides us, shouldn’t we be thankful for the work? Is it because we have two days to spend our time as we wish without deadlines, bosses, interruptions and the like? Is it because we are provided more time with family and friends over the weekend? Or is it as simple as we do not have to hear the alarm clock go off for a couple of days?

Whatever the reason, we rejoice in Friday….TGIF is here! I suppose now is not the time to mention that at the end of Friday, we are 48 hours away from Monday…..hmmmm.

Have a great weekend!!

John Lusher