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Always Connected [Infographic]

Students today face far greater distractions than in generations past. Connectivity is at an all time high, but how much is this really impacting students’ quality of life? Take a look through the comic book style graphic to take a look at a day in the life of a student, and see how we are “Always Connected”.

Always Connected<br />Created by: Online Schools

What do you think?

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Eleven Things NOT To Do on Social Media

This is a post that I produced for  The Social Buzz Lab.  Hope you enjoy!!

Social Media has become an active component of many marketing strategies. Partnered with We recently developed a handout entitled,you guessed it, 11 Things NOT To Do on Social Media. We gave you a sneak peak in our post Don’t Do It, Three Things that Can Zap the Buzz. Instead of just providing you with the list and making you read them all for yourself, our Social Media (mad) Scientist, John Lusher, put a video spin on some of these items.  We hope you enjoy!!

Here is the complete list of Things NOT To Do on Social Media
  1. Do Not share pictures, photos or artwork that could potentially incriminate or embarrass you.  I know, this one sounds like an easy one, but you would be surprised.  Or maybe you wouldn’t be!  The most recent example is former Representative Anthony Wiener.  Whether you think you are sharing it publicly or privately, it is in the cloud forever!
  2. Do Not self-promote or only promote yourself or your brand.  The people that do this on social media remind me of the stereotypical “used-car salesman” or Herb Tarlek from WKRP in Cincinnati.  If you do not know Herb, Google the name or find videos of the show to watch.  The point is, you should promote others more than yourself.  For every post promoting yourself, promote others 10 times as much, at least!!
  3. Do Not re-share or re-post links without checking them out first on your own.  When you do this, it is damaging to your reputation online; always verify before you re-post!
  4. Do Not ignore comments, responses or conversations by your followers.  The quickest way to lose followers or friends? By ignoring them!  It is rude and disrespectful.
  5. Do Not jump into the social media pool without a plan!  Social media requires planning and takes time and is not to be entered into lightly.
  6. Do Not set it and forget it.  Creating social platforms and not using them is worse than not doing it at all.  Social media requires daily attention either by you, an employee or a consultant that you have hired.
  7. Do Not be negative.  This is another simple one; there is enough negativity in the world; we do not need it in the social media world, and in truth, we don’t want to hear it.
  8. Do Not share too much personal information. Social media and social networking allow us to build business and personal relationships; provides opportunities to connect and share and learn. But, we truthfully do not want to know every personal thing going on in your life, at least not in a public format.
  9. Do Not respond to comments or posts out of anger or resentment.  It only takes a moment to ruin your reputation online; so calm down and think clearly before you respond to criticism or something negative.
  10. Do Not copy material and use it as your own!
  11. Do Not forget, these ARE real relationships, with real people.  Treat them as such.
This is just the beginning of the Do NOT Do list! Do you have others we should include? Leave your favorite Do NOT Do in the comments! Or may you have a story to share!! We would love to hear it!!

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How Missouri’s Teacher Facebook Law Affects Your Business

I was recently contacted by David Mielach, a freelance writer for  


David has started writing a daily quick hit article on various topics and was looking for sources on various fields ranging from PR to Marketing; and in turn asked if I would be interested in contributing.  Well, it took me just a couple of milliseconds to say YES!

David contact me this morning about an article he was working on;  How Missouri’s Teacher Facebook Law Affects Your Business. I find it interesting that businesses and schools are still grappling with rules and regulations regarding social media. I understand that they were caught off guard with the popularity of social media, but shouldn’t they have caught up by now by updating their employee policies?   Small businesses, you must address this immediately! 

Read David’s article along with my thoughts here: How Missouri’s Teacher Facebook Law Affects Your Business

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Do businesses have the right to restrict what you do on social media profiles?  Should they?

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Bacon and Social Media

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke.  This is one of my favorite places to spend time looking through the antiques and salvage items. From their Facebook Business Page:  We have a 40,000 square warehouse filled with Architectural Antiques, Custom Designs and everything in between. Visit them online @ or in our beautiful Roanoke Valley.  


Most people I know LOVE bacon!  I mean, come on, what’s not to love?!   We have had a recent, ongoing conversation on Twitter about our love of bacon. thanks to @SueanneShirzay  @LewisPortez@thedawe@stephdcottrell@izzibag and others; there is even a #Bacon cruise in the planning….so glad I found the luggage tags!!

People’s love of bacon, especially when it is cooking; experiencing the aroma and the sizzle, is very much like social media!  Early adopters start using social media platforms, the buzz spreads, and everyone hungers to be part of the experience!  When Google launched Google+ the people that could not access it without an invitation reminded me of being around bacon frying, but not being able to taste it!  The sizzle and the aroma draws you in.  Your friends and family, people you know and respect spend all of their time talking about this platform or that platform, this app or that app, and we want it!  See, just like bacon!

So, fry up some bacon, the good stuff, not the instant bacon or the all veggie bacon; your body will tolerate an occasional treat, and enjoy!  While you are at it, immerse yourself in the social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or others.  Ask questions, consult others, see which ones work for you and have fun!

Privacy Online: It’s YOUR Responsibility!

It seems like social networking powerhouse LinkedIn has pulled a Facebook this week.  They opened up their 100 million + users to a default setting that allows names and images to be used  for third-party advertising.  Facebook did this several months ago, and now LinkedIn has followed suit.

Each time news breaks about one of these security settings or one of these social platforms choosing to opt it’s users in to something like third-party advertising, I shake my head.   As users of these social platforms, it is up to us, the users to police our own security settings!!  It is just like locking the door to your house and setting the security system.  These social platforms own your information; and, if you take the time to read most of their terms of service agreements that you agree to when signing up for the service, they state that they can use your information.  Most of them do provide you with methods to opt-out of the third-party advertising parts or allow you to set your own security, but you must do it yourself! 

Take responsibility for your own online reputation, appearance and what is shared or not shared about you!  Every month or every quarter, review these settings, change your passwords and be careful!  Most of this is common sense friends, so take control of your own security and please teach your children to do the same. 

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Run, Don’t Walk to see The Help!

Run, don’t walk to see the movie, The Help; even if you have not read the book!!

This movie is based on the #1 New York Times best selling book by the same title.  The Help is truly an inspiring look at what happens when a southern town’s unspoken code of rules is shattered by three woman who strike up an unlikely friendship.  It is also an incredible look at what life was like, and the civil rights movement in the 1960’s.

What does this have to do with social media?  Think about how far we have come as a society.  Before it took a grass roots effort and possible years of hard work and in some cases sacrificing of lives to bring about change, not only in the United States, but in many parts of our world.  Now, those efforts can be amazingly organized and impacted through the use of social media.

My friend Ted Nguyen had a terrific post in February about how the Social media revolution ignites Middle East and North Africa.  This post explored the uprising of the citizens against the governments of Egypt and Tunisia that toppled both of their presidents.  

Can you imagine how quickly social media could have affected change during the civil rights movement?  Times have changed and the governments of the world can no longer suppress their citizens in silence.

Go see The Help. It is one of the best movies I have seen in years.

New Day

It is a new day for my blog and my site. I have made the switch from WordPress to Posterous as my blogging platform and I couldn’t be happier or more excited. Why did I switch? Simplicity and ease of use. More on that in an upcoming post.

For now, I am embracing this new day and this new platform and having a blast with it! One of the common themes that excites me about life, work, social media and networking: learning new ways of doing thing and working on new platforms.

Embrace the newness of your day, and let’s go! Stay tuned for more information on this switch! Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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