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Work Where You Are


One of the reasons I started by consulting business was the ability to work anywhere at any time for myself and my clients. Given the modern toolset of smartphones, an iPad or laptop, combined with readily accessible wi-fi or my own data connection makes work a function, not a place.

I was reminded of this recently when I ran into a former co-worker in a parking lot. We spent a few minutes catching up and reminiscing about the company we worked for; then parted ways by trading contact information so that we could stay in touch via LinkedIn. My thoughts after this encounter were centered around how, at this previous employer, we were monitored as to our activity. I worked in sales and marketing for this company, however, my activities were tracked to the point that I felt like a CIA operative. Now granted, most salespeople have an attitude of independence, and I am no exception, but the managers of this particular organization had the viewpoint that it was more important for us to be in the office each day than out in the field. Salespeople of the world, I ask you; unless you are in a retail environment, how many sales walk in your door? Not many.

My fellow salespeople knew that we were best left alone to work when, how and where we needed to so that we could meet our sales goals and obtain the income we desired. Alas, management did not see it that way. The result? Salespeople that spent valuable selling time filling out call reports instead of building relationships.

Now, I can work from anywhere. I am writing this post while sitting at a Starbucks and waiting on my appointment to arrive. I can work from home, during lunch, on vacation, and with props to Dr. Seuss; on a plane or on a train.

Work is what you do, not where you are located. This “rule of business” is even more important now than ever before.

Those are my thoughts; what about you? Do you work remotely or in places other than a traditional office environment?

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