Advanced Media Writing Class at VT

Thanks to my good friend, Laura Neff-Henderson for inviting me to speak to her Advanced Media Writing Class at Virginia Tech Monday night. Laura owns Tipping Point Communication, a PR and Communications firm.  This is a bonus for her students because they are the beneficiaries of real-life experience in the field of PR, media writing, and how it all fits in with social media. 

The students are well versed in social media and asked good questions!  I always walk away from opportunities like this by learning more about my own industry a well as those that use it.  Thank you again Laura!! 

This is the presentation that I used, by permission, as part of our discussion.  It offers valuable insight on how we should write professionally in our social platforms, never forgetting that each message is intended for a specific audience.

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  1. Thanks Laura, I look forward to returning!

  2. Thanks John! It was great to have you and I know my students enjoyed it as well. Come back anytime.

  3. John Lusher says:

    Thanks Laura, I look forward to returning!

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