Meetup 2.0

Social Media is about the relationship, we all know that, but I think too often we keep Social Media online and miss the face-to-face opportunities to connect and to strengthen the relationships.Hear me when I say this: Social Media is about RELATIONSHIPS, both online and offline!In order to help to promote Social Media and more importantly the In Real Life or Face-to-Face aspect of it, we have launched Meetup 2.0. I have been working with Jennifer Mills from Expressions-Lab and Marketing Helper as well as Nannette Saunders, Lynchburg Realtor Extraordinaire on our weekly Social Media meetings, Meetup 2.0.In the Lynchburg area we meet each Friday at 9:00 AM at The Good Cherry in Forest to discuss Social Media and our most recent success involving this media.We are very pleased to announce that beginning Thursday, February 26th, we will have our first Roanoke Meetup 2.0 at Famous Anthony’s on Williamson Road/Brookside. If you love Social Media or just want to learn more about it, please join us on 2/26 at 9:00 AM at Famous Anthony’s!We will meet you there!

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