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This is a guest blog post that I was honored to post on Kim Randall’s (_kimrandall) site; Kim Randall.  This post is under the blog section of her site, located here.  I had the opportunity to meet Kim this summer; you should get to know her and engage with her; she walks the talk in social media and can be a valuable resource.  Thanks Kim for the guest blogging opportunity!Since Adam and Eve, we have been networking. Networking may not be the word that was used then, but we have always taken an interest in others, learned about what they do, how we can connect with them and help them.Consider this definition of networking: the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.Think about it; haven’t we have always networked with others?A generation ago, during our parents or grandparent’s lives: they knew whom to call on for whatever the requirement. In smaller communities and towns, they knew he people needed for their day-to-day existence; in larger areas, people listened to the advice of others to recommend professionals they knew and trusted.It’s no different today than it was then; we are still networking. So, what has changed? Social networking. Social networking has introduced a new way to meet people. Social networking, in this post, refers to the use of social media platforms to start networking with others.We still network face-to-face, or in real life (IRL); but what has changed most dramatically is how a considerable number of our relationships begin online! The ever-growing virtual environment we live in means relationships, both personal and professional are started as well as nourished online before they


move to the IRL environment.A multitude of tool exist to help you build your network online, among the most popular are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. With each of these tools, it’s good to remember that although these relationships begin through a computer, the same rules should apply as if you were sitting with that person across a table:1. Don’t sell to the people you are meeting online. This is an instant turn-off and will damage you and your network instead of building it.2. The best way to be a better networker is to give something to others. Look to help others; this will be returned to you ten fold. Believe it, it happens!3. Be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons. Be helpful by making introductions for others and by promoting others.4. Be patient. Social networking or face-to-face networking takes time. Take the time to build your network slowly.5. Remember these are real people behind the photos on the screen. Treat them the same you would if you were meeting face-to-face.Social networking has changed how we network, at least to a certain extent, but it doesn’t change how we should act when we network. We are dealing with human beings; we should always look to give before we expect to receive.Those are my thoughts; what say you?


  1. Thanks Brook, I appreciate you taking to comment! It is a learning process for us all, but you are right; they are all human connections!!

  2. John, I had not seen the original post on Kim’s blog but I will going over to take a look soon. I love your 5 points and these points are something people just do not get.A lot of it comes from that we are in a society that wants immediate results. The issue is that social networking or any kind of networking take time

  3. Kim Randall says:

    John, thanks for the kind words and thank you for allowing me to post this on my blog! #YouRock!

  4. Most welcome Kim, thank you! Appreciate the opportunity to spread my thoughts to new audiences and to promote YOU!!

  5. Thanks Brook, I appreciate you taking to comment! It is a learning process for us all, but you are right; they are all human connections!!

  6. I agree with Rob. Your 5 points are right on.I am new to the social media environment but I have quickly been amazed at how human everything is. Behind each person, tweet, post, message is a person and we all want to be engaged in and treated like a person not a sales prospect. The more you use this platform to build relationships the more benefits you reap. Additionally, I love the building idea that the more you give the more you reap. You reap in enjoyment of watching someone else succeed, in returned business, in connections and introductions. I could keep on going. It does take time and it is hard to measure it in dollars and sense. However, it is worth every penny.Thanks for boiling down the basics. I will certainly use this idea as I engage in others and provide feedback.

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