What Are Your Intentions?

Do you ever wonder what people’s intentions are, based on their actions? What about businesses and their intentions?

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Intentions of Businesses
I have been thinking about how businesses approach their audience or potential audience.  How they communicate with their clients, prospective clients, referral partners or vendors. Do they approach these activities with the intention of selling something? Do they approach the interactions with the intention of building a network or as my friend Sarah Robinson would say, building a “Fiercely Loyal Community?” [Read more…]

Advanced Media Writing Class at VT

Thanks to my good friend, Laura Neff-Henderson for inviting me to speak to her Advanced Media Writing Class at Virginia Tech Monday night. Laura owns Tipping Point Communication, a PR and Communications firm.  This is a bonus for her students because they are the beneficiaries of real-life experience in the field of PR, media writing, and how it all fits in with social media. 

The students are well versed in social media and asked good questions!  I always walk away from opportunities like this by learning more about my own industry a well as those that use it.  Thank you again Laura!! 

This is the presentation that I used, by permission, as part of our discussion.  It offers valuable insight on how we should write professionally in our social platforms, never forgetting that each message is intended for a specific audience.

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