How to blog boosting e-commerce website traffic growth

Being successful in eCommerce requires one to have an effective documented blog strategy. The blog strategy allows one to improve successfully, measure, increase the audience. More than 65% of successful content marketers apply a documented blog strategy in their marketing institutions. Documented blog strategy is always significant in boosting the eCommerce website traffic growth. Therefore, if one needs to grow their eCommerce website, they should consider having an effective content strategy. A good content strategy will consist of the following;

Brand name, target audience, natural and good content, plan how to distribute, KPIs, tools, and technology. These will determine a person’s success in eCommerce blogging since documented blog strategy allows one to check on their weaknesses. Hence improving their products, thus increasing the audience.

Blogging is essential and valuable since the marketers who use it earn better than those who don’t prioritize using it. It is always important to consider how one generates their links and the traffic growth. Researching the best traffic, such as proofwearable, is essential to acquire ideas to make one’s blog more interesting.

blog boosting e-commerce website traffic growth

Strategies to blog boost eCommerce

Various strategies ensure that eCommerce blogging website traffic growth is enhanced. The plans are essential in improving blog traffic. The techniques include the following;

The first traffic strategy is kindle selecting a 90-day traffic plan. Publishing a Kindle book enables one to choose their text within Kindle Direct Publish Program. It ensures that the book is exclusive in the kindle store for 90 days. It also includes the kindle owners lending library that allows the target audience to follow the book for free. The owner can also run a promotion of the paid e-book for a few days within the 90 days. Running a promotion will attract more audiences, ensuring that traffic growth is maintained. Driving traffic on the blog is mainly done through; linking it directly to the website within the book and using a free giveaway. A free book will attract more visitors to the blog within a few days.

The second traffic strategy is applying twisted guest blogging. It is an effective strategy that ensures that one increases traffic on the landing page hence building one’s list. It is crucial to consider the following tips while improving the number of audiences: one, research on blogs that have social influence. Second, check the sites that rank at the top. Third, write a pitch. The strategy will ensure that guest blogging is enhanced such that organic traffic and social shares ensure the elite email list is generated.

The third traffic strategy is ensuring a long tail keyword domination. In the spreadsheet created and within the first column, add URL, while in the other, add the …